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Your work is pretty amazing, I save some of it to my computer as wallpaper and each time one of your pieces comes up it is pleasant to ...

by Nieris

I had to go back and look at the Backpack of angry thoughts with apathy, to see the difference. I like this series. I think the man's e...




"A Manuscript, found in the portfolio of Las Casas, containing Maxims and Observations of Napoleon, collected during the last two years of his residence at St. Helena.  Translated from the French, printed for Alexander Black, foreign libary, 77, Pall-mall, 1820."  So reads the title page of the volume.  Questions about its provenance or accuracy derive from the fact that the British confiscated Las Casas papers, and it spent some time in their care.  The British might have created it or altered it for propaganda reasons.  The forward by a French author states that the contents are convincingly Napoleonic.  Searches on the web found nothing in English to identify the volume as authoritative or not.  It is widely available in old books collections and libraries around the world, suggesting it was accepted as legitimate. It also seems to be the source of "Napoleon's Maxims of War".  Given how widely it was published and accepted, I expect it is considered authentic, though there is no Wiki entry, or history of the book aside from descriptions from online booksellers.  It is available free in PDF from Google books.  It should be interesting to go through.

Stage is baroque cabinet by Vcernicek.  Statues are by andi3d aka mortem vetus.  Parasol is by Adam Thwaite.  Hats are by Varsel aka Jim Farris.  Dragonthrone by Natrix aka Dmon.  Tutu is from my freestuff.  Models are V2 in textures and characters from my freestuff.


Classroom by Greybeard.  Game roulette by Aemi.  Desk and bookshelf by Brokenwings.  Paddle stand is from my freestuff at ShareCG.

Look for the rest of the comic in the "Another Zombie Story" album in my gallery.

This probably has more characters and plot twists than a Russian novel. If I feel like doing some other humor of commentary I can plug that in.  If not, I can advance the zombie plot.  The plan right now is one panel on mondays in Finland and surrounding areas advancing the zombie plot and several panels tuesday through friday introducing characters and scenes and whatever mostly around Hexcity in the US.

1) I needed to use some of my freestuff textures that I hadn't used yet.  Male textures, zombie textures, etc.  My freestuff is available at ShareCG.
2) I wanted to use freestuff by other people, not just my freestuff.  So I made each scene searching for freestuff available for both commercial and noncommercial use and tried to make each scene as completely as possible from freestuff.  A lot of the freestuff needs some tweaking before I use it.  I will try to discuss each item as appropriate.
3) I decided to make fairly large breasted female versions of famous heroes from books and movies with slight changes to their names.  The literary and movies references should make it a little more fun and interesting.  There are also parodies of popular media figures with comical names.
4) To introduce some exotic sounding names I decided to translate things into Finnish and look up elements of Finnish mythology I could use for my story line.  Why Finnish?  It is exotic, different and unfamiliar.  I have no personal ties to Finland, I just think it is a cool country and Finnish sounds good when you translate English phrases into it.
5) I will be mentioning my bibliographies of various authors and subjects books available for free from Google Books at Amazon.  You can read the bibliographies for free if you have one of their passes, or you can buy them. 

Poses:  It should be noted that I have been using poses mostly by Schlabber, and am now mixing poses by JLK into it.  They deserve credit along with the other artists.


Look for more like this in the Fractalish album in my gallery.

These are fractals made in Apophysis and modified in Paint Shop Pro.  It is fun to play around and see what you get.  It is sort of exploration, because you never quite know ahead of time what will come out.  This is a microscopically small sample of stuff.  Most of these are single frames from videos I have uploaded to Youtube.

These are art, you should read about the Fractal videos of unmodified fractals in my journal here:…

These "Marvelous, Mysterious, Magical, Medicinal, Musical Mellows" could really be a good thing if you try them out.

Scenes done Bryce 5.5.  This is, I think, the earlier free version of the program. Look for more like this in the Bryce Landscapes album in my gallery.

Flying saucers FS, Flying Cars FC, Fighters Ft, MS Mother Ships, should all be simple to make.  All you need is a hull, a cockpit, and a canopy.  Then there is the pilots chair and steering wheel a separate figure.  It is much more difficult because of all the poseable moveable parts.  So I only did it twice with pieces texture mapped in different ways.  Seat one, just throw textures at it.  Seat one M, try to make custom textures.  Texture maps are included in the files as bump maps when I mapped the elements in UVMapper. 

Files are CR2 Poser format.  Guns, tractor beams, bullets, muzzle flashes may be included as part of the vehicles.  Enjoy expanding your fleet. :-) 

Saucer Strings are five of just the hull and canopy for doing invasion scenes.


I suspect that most people would say that we saw Satan in Charlottesville this weekend.  Of course, people will disagree about where Satan was.  If you are a Christian, you will know that Satan was present on both sides of the violence.  If you are a Satanist, you will believe that Satan was on only one side, the other side.

Christ taught, "Judge not lest you be judged".  In other words we are all at fault.  Satan translates as 'the angry one' or 'the accuser' and he taught us to eat of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, i.e. to judge good and evil, or to see the world in terms of good and evil.

So, if you are a Christian, you know Satan was present on both sides in Charlottesville.  If you are a Satanist, you believe one side was 'evil' and the other 'good'and are filled with righteous rage and anger at the events in Charlottesville.  Righteous rage being the essence of Satan the Angry One, the Accuser.  The coverage of the events was almost entirely Satanic, as most news coverage in the US is these days.  The Liberal Left are Satanism distilled, self-righteous, contemptuous of the ignorance and evil of anyone who disagrees with them.  The very picture of perfect disciples and slaves of Satan.

Now, they were removing or moving a statue of Robert E. Lee.  All historical records show Lee to have been one of the most virtuous and honorable men in history.  He was on the wrong side of the fight, but God always has people on both sides of every fight to make sure they go the way He wants them to.  If you believe in God you cannot help but suspect Lee and 'Stonewall' Jackson of being among his servants in the Civil War.  If you cannot conceive of that, then you are a Satanist.

Recognizing the virtues of your opponents is Christian.  Denying that your opponents have any virtues and making them out to be wholly evil is the essence of Satanism.  The Ten Commandments order you to honor your Father and Mother.  This is considered to be the most difficult of all the commandments, because all people have faults.  You cannot ask people to desecrate the graves or destroy the monuments to their ancestors without asking them to break the Ten Commandments and spit on the law of God.

So, the movement to remove the statues of Lee and Jackson is purely and perfectly in Spirit.  It is based on hatred, self-righteous judgement of good and evil, it refuses to admit to any virtue on the part of two men who were very probably God's rightwous servants, and asks people to desecrate the graves and monuments to their ancestors disobeying the Commandments of God.  A more perfect example of pure, distilled Satanism would be difficult to discover.

So, Satan began the fight in Charlottesvill with the removal of the monument and then he stirred up anger in the breast of a protestor to do violence, thus creating more hatred and anger.

Obeying Satan always comes at a price.  This movement to remove these monuments may succeed for a season, but Satan always carries things to extremes.  After a monument is moved to somewhere else, it wll be moved again, and eventually destroyed.  Each time fresh anger will be sewn.  Eventually more violence and anger and hatred will be created than the statues ever did.

So, carry on, you Satanists.  Enjoy your folly while it seems good.  There is always a price for obeying Satan and your children will inherit it.


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